Nov. 3 Garland ELECTION

Local items on the Nov. 3 ballot include City of Garland Proposition A which reads: 

Shall the City Council be authorized, as otherwise limited by land and pursuant to State law, to approve the construction and use of a library facility within a portion of public property designated as parkland, commonly known as Hollabaugh Park.

The proposal would allow the use of land adjacent to Hollabaugh Recreation Center, 3925 W. Walnut St., as the site for relocation of the Walnut Creek Branch Library. More can be found here:

Candidates on the City ballot:              

(District # 2):

Candidate Name:         Deborah Morris           

Candidate Name:        Koni Ramos-Kaiwi         

(District # 4):

Candidate Name:        B. J. Williams                               

Candidate Name:        Jim Bookhout                                                            

(District # 5):

Candidate Name:        Rich Aubin (unopposed)  

Voters citywide will determine the park proposal. Per the Charter, City Council members are elected by residents of their districts.

Two Garland locations will be used for early voting, South Garland Branch Library, 4845 Broadway Blvd., and Dallas College Garland Campus, 675 W. Walnut St. Early voting will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 13-30, with the exception of Sundays Oct. 18 and 25, when polls are open from 1 to 6 p.m. Garland residents may vote at any early voting site in Dallas County or at any Dallas County Vote Center on Election Day.