Wood Recycling Facility

Tree & Brush Trimmings

You trim. You clear brush. After all that work, your lawn looks great. But what should you do with that huge pile of shrubs, tree limbs, and tree trunks left over? Don't let these valuable resources go to waste.

In Garland, you have two options:

  1. To place tree and brush trimmings in a pile separated from all other bulky waste items, and our collection crew will pick it up on your weekly collection day (same day as trash). Brush is taken to the Wood Recycling Facility, co-located at the C.M. Hinton, Jr. Regional Landfill, where it is ground into mulch.
  2. To drop off tree and brush trimmings at the Wood Recycling Facility, 3175 Elm Grove Road, where they will be ground into mulch.


Garland residents can drop off acceptable materials for free at the Wood Recycling Facility:

  • Bring proof of residency in the form of a valid driver’s license or current utility bill.
  • Unload the wood waste yourself.
  • Only bring wood waste from the household where you reside.


Non-Garland residents and commercial customers will be charged a per-ton fee based on the type of vehicle.

  • Security deposit is required based on the gross (incoming weight).
  • Minimum charge is $10.
  • Cash, local pre-printed checks accompanied by current driver’s license, debit/credit cards accepted except American Express.
  • Mandatory Tarping Requirements (PDF).


In order to maintain the quality of our mulch product, we will only accept tree trimmings and trunks no larger than eight feet in height and eight inches in diameter. Tree and yard trimmings are ground into mulch and provided to Garland residents at no charge. Commercial landscapers and other businesses may purchase mulch at the Wood Recycling Facility.

Mulch is available to residents at the following locations:

  • Drop-Off Recycling Center
  • Wood Recycling Facility

To get mulch:

  • Bring your own shovel and containers.
  • Load it yourself.
  • A layer of mulch can improve your landscaping dramatically with lower water bills, fewer weeds, enriched soil.

Additional Information

For more details, call 972-205-3500.