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1. What are the park hours?
2. When is open gym basketball at recreation centers?
3. How do I host a special event in the City or at a park?
4. Can we have a band, DJ and speakers in the park?
5. Who do I contact with a park maintenance concern?
6. Where do I report high weeds or trash in ditches, parks, medians, golf courses, parkways, and public facilities?
7. The sprinklers are going in a median or park during the day, who do I report it to?
8. Why are the restrooms/water fountains closed from November through April?
9. Do I need a permit for a bounce house?
10. What to do if I see a snake in the park or on the trail?
11. Can we sell items in the park?
12. Is there a public boat ramp at Lake Ray Hubbard?
13. How do I transfer a Boat/Jet Ski title?
14. Do I have to have a license to fish in park ponds?
15. Can I fly model airplanes or shoot archery in the park?